St Leon A Tale Of The Sixteenth Century

Author: William Godwin
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The exile should return from his seven years' banishment in triumph and
splendour. I would return to the court of my old patron and friend, the gallant
Francis, and present to him my boy, the future representative of my family, now
one year older than I had been at the field of the Cloth of Gold. Though an exile
from my country, I had not been an inattentive witness of her fortunes. The year
fifteen hundred and forty-four was a remarkable and interesting year in the history
of France.

The Spanish Brothers A Tale Of The Sixteenth Century

Author: Deborah Alcock
Publisher: Library of Alexandria
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Or to die amongst them, for to that it would come full soon! No, no, Señor Don
Carlos. Here I took the cowl; here I lived; and here I will die and lie buried, God
and the saints helping me!" "Yet for the Truth's sake, my father, would you not be
willing to make even this sacrifice, and to go forth in your old age into exile?" "If
the brethren must needs go, so, I suppose, must I. But they are not going, St.
Jerome be praised," the old man repeated. "Going or staying, the presence of
Him whom they ...

The Discourse Of Exile In Early Modern English Literature

Author: J. Seth Lee
Publisher: Routledge
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We arrive finally at the sixteenth-century additions that transform the ur-text into “
Chaucer's” Plowman's Tale. There is evidence of the Tale's circulation prior to
becoming part of The Canterbury Tales. A stand-alone printed edition of The
Plowman's Tale appeared in 1533, nine years before it found a new home (and
author) as the final episode in The Canterbury Tales.31 After it appeared in
Thomas Godfrey's 1542 Works, it remained there for over two centuries where it
established ...

Bob Henderson S Trails And Tales 4 Book Bundle

Author: Bob Henderson
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colonizing scheme, with her story set on the Lower North Shore of the St.
Lawrence, has been called, “the most romantic 'true' story of the sixteenth century
”7 The story about the story is equally as interesting as the events themselves.
First, the story closest to the historic truth ... Marguerite Roberval's researcher,
Arthur Stabler, speculates that the Queen of Navarre's version is careful to tell an
exile story without damaging the name of Roberval. Thirty years later, Thevet is
free to tell the ...

English Catholic Exiles In Late Sixteenth Century Paris

Author: Katy Gibbons
Publisher: Boydell & Brewer Ltd
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By 1584 those who did not return within a set time period were also treated as trai
- tors.13 The degree of effectiveness with which these measures were enforced,
however, is debatable, and there were still some opportunities for exiles to
protect their ... A refusal do so was, he said, made 'upon conscience and great
reason, and for the avoydinge of manifest peril of eternal damnation'.17
Reinforced by contemporary tales of martyrdom, the polemical point was clear:
Catholics had to be ...

The Early Humiliati

Author: Frances Andrews
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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beginnings of the order in the late twelfth century, had rejected the exile story and
the role of Bernard and had drawn attention to the writings of Jacques de Vitry on
the origins of the name as describing those who demonstrated great humility both
in word and in deed.90 However, Fumagalli was a lone voice and the account of
the eleventhcentury exile was still widely circulated, even appearing
romanticised and illustrated in a mid-nineteenth-century collection of Italian folk
tales.91 ...

Hasidic Tales

Author: Rami M. Shapiro
Publisher: SkyLight Paths Publishing
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Successive generations of kabbalists created more and more complex creation
theories, culminating in the cosmology of Isaac Luria, the sixteenth-century Safed
kabbalist known as the Ari, an acronym for “the Holy Rabbi Isaac. ... God is now “
in exile” from God. One can see how this myth of an exiled God spoke so
powerfully to the Jews, who themselves were in exile for sixteen hundred years,
and who had just experienced a massive expulsion from Spain in 1492. Add to
this Luria's ...

Ethical Tales From The Kabbalah

Author: Aryeh Wineman
Publisher: Jewish Publication Society
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The way to tikkun, the repair of sin and exile, lies in immersing oneself in grief. As
the weeping figure in the legend, Berukhim suggests the role of the Jew in
lamenting the exile of the Shekhinah, and the legend serves as a paradigm of
such lament and its significance. Placed in the sixteenth century rather than at the
time of the destruction of Jerusalem, the legend stresses redemption rather than
past destruction. This note is voiced forcefully though subtly in the Ari's
identification of ...