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HEAVYWEIGHT (over 175 lbs.)— Max Schmellng. ... 20 rounds. Los Angeles, Cal
. , 1907 — May 7 — Tommy Burns knocked out Bill Squires, 1 round. Colma. Cal.
•1908— Doc. 25 — Jack Johnson ... Men. Women. Men. Crossword Puzzle Book.

Collier S

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By H. G WITWER One-Punch McTague — with the assistance of Victor Hugo —
gives us another highly romantic tale ... By my sensational one-round knockout of
One-Swing Maloney, who the experts was afraid was the greatest heavyweight
since ... not be a miss to state that I for one, and tea for two, am enchanted to hear
that the crossword puzzle craze is dyin' out. ... the fact that I'm One-Punch
McTague, namely, the dashin', smashin' heavyweight boxer which was left a
book store in ...

A People A Nation Since 1865

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... in Jersey City, New Jersey, on July 2, 1921, to witness heavyweight boxing
champion Jack Dcmpsey knock out Georges Carpentier in the fourth round. ...
Brown Brothers. lishing firm of Simon and Schuster brought out a book of
crossword puzzles with a pencil attached - anyone who did a crossword ... In
terms of total capital investment, motion pictures became one of the nation's
leading industries.

Ue News

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The book never quite hives up to the promise or style of his first two pages in the
first chapter, “A Generation of Silence.” but it is ... Who can wait thirteen rounds to
know that he will win by a knockout the following round. All the while giving and ...

Household Words

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These must not be permitted to extend but as soon as they are two inches long,
should be cut off, leaving one leaf, and only ... Remove suckers which often
cluster round the base of the plants, and the hearts and principal leaf-stems will
then be the finer. ... as, if the lace is to be used as an edging, a very heavy weight
of jet causes it to give way at the edges, and the dress or ... It must, however, be
most carefully done as the marks when once ironed never come out. .... Puzzles
for Prizes.

The Miller

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Obviously one solicitor would not sufiice, that is, if it were desired to cover the
whole field of England, Scotland and Ireland, not forgetting ... Association would
need a legion of legal advisers, and it wouldJ fear,more than puzzle the treasurer
to find all the necessary salaries. ... I have been knocking round flour mills for
more years than I care to remember. ... If I am not a heavy weight, I can use my
hands. ... Those are the exact words I was about to use, but you took them out of
my mouth.

The Engineer

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There is no doubt it is constantly quoted, and in places one would certainly
expect not to find it. I have before me, .... then at the top. It works again for a few
strokes all right, and the knock is again repeated, first at the bottom on the down
stroke, ...