The Emperor S Embrace

Author: Jeffrey Masson
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
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She shows nofurther interestinhim and eventually heleaves fortheopensea,
tobreak his long fast. Thewhole affair has lasted about eighty minutes. How
difficult itis forus tounderstand the emotions involved in these events. Yet it is
hard to resist the anthropomorphic urge. Obviouslythemale emperor is aware of
the loss ofwhat has, after all, beenalmost apart of hisbody fortwo tothree months.
Ishe disappointed, bewildered, relieved,or are his feelings so remote from our
own (not inferior, ...

The Spectator

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So he assures them that the meeting and festivities of the three Emperors will not
only be favourable to peace, but that it will increase the general confidence of the
world in peace being maintained, — a general confidence which, as the Prince
justly remarks, is almost as important to the prosperity of great cities as the actual
security of peace itself. Credit is injured by rumour almost as much as bv
catastrophe. When Emperors embrace, smaller people will" take heart. Prince
Bismarck is ...

Embracing Defeat

Author: John W. Dower
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 9780393320275
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Chronicles the events that took place in Japan at the end of World War II and explores the effects they have had on the development and shaping of the Japanese society, from immediately after the war to the present day.

The Complete Concordance To Shakspeare

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iv. 4 let me embrace thee, Ajax .......... - iv. 5 let an old man embrace thee ........ - iv.
5 let me embrace thee, good old........ – iv. 5 embrace and hug with amplest.
Timon of Athens. i. 1 and yet he would embrace no counsel iii. 1 - when first I did
... EMPERIAL–of the emperial's men. Titus And, iv. 3 EMPEROR—a present for
any emperor. Tempest, ii.2 the emperor in his royal court...Two Gen. of Ver, i. 3
will dispatch him to the emperor's court - i. 3 are journeying to salute the emperor
- i.

Theodosius Ii

Author: Christopher Kelly
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 110727690X
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COMMUNAL MEMORY Edward Watts Theodosius II is one of the last Roman
emperors embraced as orthodox by both Chalcedonian and anti-Chalcedonian
Christians.I This is in some ways surprising since his reign saw a controversy
about the teachings of Nestorius, bishop of Constantinople, develop into a fissure
that, two years after the emperor's death, ultimately shattered the unity of the
eastern ...

The Complete Concordance To Shakespere Being A Verbal Index To All The Passages In The Dramatic Works Of The Poet

Author: Hary-Cowden Clarke
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EMBRACE—let me embrace thce....311enry VI. ii. 3 | EMPEROR-'tis the emperor,
madam. Ant. 3 Cleo. ¥ 2 iii. 1 let me embrace these sour adversities — Dorset,
cinbrace him; Hastings ... Richard II l let us here embrace; farewell........ — iii. 3 no
more ado, let all embrace him... Henry P. III. v. 2 I charge you, embrace this man -
: a passion doth embrace my.... s the one and other Diomed embraces let me
embrace too: O heart . let me embrace thee, Ajax . let an old man crubrace thee .
let ...

The Complete Concordance To Shakspere

Author: Mary Cowden Clarke
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6 quicken his embraced heaviness with and embraced, as it were embraced by a
EMBRACEMENT— with kind embracements ... Taming of Sh. 1 (induc.) ter's Tale.
v. 1 bring them to our embracement... Win drew me from kind embracemen thy ...
Two Gen. of Wer. i. 3 will dispatch him to the emperor's court – i. 3 are journeying
to salute the emperor - i. 3 how daily graced by the emperor.... — i. 3 with
Valentine in emperor's court — i. 3 as meet to be an emperor's counsellor – ii. 4
thou'rt ...

Constantine Divine Emperor Of The Christian Golden Age

Author: Jonathan Bardill
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521764238
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Faraglia, neg. D-DAI-ROM-5694. and lacking carefully differentiated
physiognomies. Their similarity in appearance (similitudo) was not an attempt to
suggest nonexistent hereditary dynastic links; rather it was a method of
expressing visually the Tetrarchs' unity of purpose.258 This unity, which was
crucially important given that the emperors were far apart and constantly on the
move, was also reflected in the figures' embrace – a physical closeness
suggested by the panegyrist of 289 ...

The Complete Concordance To Shakspere

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5 with joy he will embrace vou ........ — Iii. A I will embrace thee in it by and by. .
TiiutAnd. v. S to embrace me as a friend ............ — y. 3 I will embrace your offer ....
........ Periclct, iii. 3 I embrace ^'ou. »ir; give me my rolxrs.. — v. 1 embrace him.
dear ... Orn.of Per, i. 3 will i H -i'.i 1 1 1 1 him to the emperor's court — i.3 are
journeying to salute the emperor — i.3 how rlailv graced by the emperor ____ — i
.3 with Valentine in the emperor's court — i.3 an meet to be an emperor's
counsellor — ii.

The Empress Has No Clothes

Author: Joyce M. Roché
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
ISBN: 1609946383
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Joyce Roché’s insights will make success at each stage of our life and career a more joyful experience for those of us—such as me—who have felt this insecurity.” —Rick Goings, Chairman and CEO, Tupperware Brands Corporation ...