The Emperor S Embrace

Author: Jeffrey Masson
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
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The. Emperor's. Embrace. C. ould it be that there is a politics of knowledge when
it comes to animal behavior? We hear about infanticidal lions but rarely of heroic
penguin fathers. Benito Mussolini, the Italian fascist dictator, once said: “It isbetter
to liveone day as a lion than a hundred years as a sheep.” This remarkable
statement manages to combinemacho bravura with sheer ignorance (themale
lionspends mostof the dayasleep). In any event, why should thelifeof a sheep be
seen as ...

Filial Piety In Chinese Thought And History

Author: Alan Chan
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134328133
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Confucian moral teachings required that emperors be paragons of filial piety, but
to the scholar-officials with whom emperors governed an emperor who made
decisions on the basis of his understanding of his filial obligations could be a
threat to the state. To officials, imperial filial piety ... disputed the principle that
emperors must embrace filial piety. Emperors were supposed to be moral
exemplars, and filial piety was viewed as a fundamental moral virtue. The ethical
demands placed ...

The Complete Concordance To Shakspere

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iv. 6 embrace and hue with amplest. TIHWH ofAthent. i. 1 imd yet he would
embrace no counsel — iii. 1 when first I did embrace him ...... CorioUinut, Iv. 7 he
would embrace the means ____ Juliii* Cirsar^ U. 1 that yon embrace not Antony.
.... 1 1 1 1 him to the emperor's court — i.3 are journeying to salute the emperor
— i.3 how rlailv graced by the emperor ____ — i.3 with Valentine in the
emperor's court — i.3 an meet to be an emperor's counsellor — ii. 4 thou'rt an
emperor, Cnisar .

The Complete Concordance To Shakspere

Author: Mary Cowden Clarke
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1 let us here embrace; farewell........ — iii. 3 no more ado, let all embrace him...
Henry PIII. v. 3 I charge you, embrace this man....... a passion doth embrace my....
Troilus the one and other Diomed embrace let me embrace too: O heart - let me
... 2 - i.2 my innocent life against an em to Lewis the em to the tent-royas of their
emperor. as good a gentleman as the o the emperor's coming in behalf of
Charles the emperor, underpretence the emperor Fo ere he promised. the
emperor thus desi ...

The History Of The Roman Emperors From Augustus To Constantine

Author: Jean Baptiste Louis Crevier
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he invites all his subjećts to renounce their old superstitions, and embrace the
true faith, which God had manifested in so signal a manner, by visibly punishing
the persecutors of Christianity, and exalting the Prince who declared himself its
protećtor. However, he leaves them liberty of conscience, and forbids all
compulsion; though he wishes ardently that all may embrace the true religion. “
Let every one, says he, “follow what he thinks the truth, without pretend“ing to rule
others. Let him ...

A History Of The Romans Under The Emperors

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pagan Emperors?' Then, gradually rising to a more lofty tone, he asserts the
unquestionable obligation of a Christian Sovereign to permit no part of the public
revenue to be devoted to the maintenance of idolatry ; proves that Christianity ...
But the powerful support which they received from the hermits of the desert, who
merely stretched out their necks to the sword when commanded by the soldiers of
Valens to embrace Arianism or die, drew forth their enthusiastic recommendation
of ...

Neither Gods Nor Emperors

Author: Craig Calhoun
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520920170
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Their difficulties of self-image were manifested in everything from clothing styles
to a fad for "de-Sinicizing" cosmetic surgery to an eagerness to embrace Western
social science theories as solutions to China's ills.2 Su Xiaokang, a reporter and
television documentary writer, referred to what he saw as the recurrence of a "fin-
de-siècle" mentality among intellectuals during the reform era — particularly in
the two "dragon" years of 1976 and 1988. 3 From popular music to learned
debates, ...

The History Of The Roman Emperors

Author: Robert Lynam
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Augustus was the first who extended the law, so that it should embrace offences
for libel, being provoked at the daring scurrility with which Cassius Severus
aspersed both men and women of illustrious rank. Tiberius for a short time
appeared to disregard all the censures that were directed against him, affirming
that in a free city, the tongues and minds of men ought to be free. Afterwards,
however, being irritated by the satires which were written against his cruelty and
pride, and his ...

Enchiridion Theologicum Anti Romanum

Author: Isaac Barrow
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One would admire, that Constantine, if he had smelt this doctrine, or any thing
like it in Christianity, should be so ready to embrace it ; or that so many emperors
should in those times do so; some princes then probably being jealous of their
honour, and unwilling to admit any superior to them. It is at least much, that
emperors should with so much indulgence foster and cherish popes, being their
so dangerous rivals for dignity; and that it should be true, which pope Nicholas
doth affirm, ...

Institutes Of Ecclesiastical History Ancient And Modern

Author: Johann Lorenz Mosheim
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The bishops and other clergy were held in honor, even by those who adhered to
the old religion of the state. And the number of christians was seen to be
increasing daily. Hence in all the cities, spacious buildings were erected for
public worship, in which the people assembled without fear : and they had
nothing to wish for, unless it were that one or more of the emperors might
embrace their religion. cletian, though superstitious, indulged no hatred towards
the christians. (2) CENTURY ...