That Nothing May Be Lost

Author: Fr. Paul Scalia
Publisher: Ignatius Press
ISBN: 1621641503
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Additionally, Archbishop Charles Chaput offers a thought provoking foreword to help the reader with a meaningful journey through the many aspects of the Catholic faith presented throughout this book.

The Christian Union

Author: Henry Ward Beecher
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A trial is to find out, the truth; but the Bible tells us they only sought how they
might put him to death. ... but even these two did not agree in their story, and the
high priest saw that nothing could be made out of such witnesses as these. .... by
increased assent to dogma, nor by spiritual and material prosperity along all the
lines of ecclesiastical enterprise and devotion. Its Creed recites: “I believe one
Holy Catholic Church, neither made nor marred by human hands, but founded by
Jesus ...

The Spectator

Author: Joseph Addison
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The two reat errors into which a mistaken devotion may tray us, are enthusiasm
and superstition. ... The Roniiien catholic church seeins indeed irreCOVt'l'ill)l_\'
lost in this particular. ... Nothing is so glorious in the eyes of mankind and
ornamental to human nature, setting aside the infinite advantages which arise
from it, as a strong, ... that perish. Idolatry may be looked upon as another error
arising from mistaken devotion; but because reflections on that subject would be
of no use to an ...

The Spectator By J Addison And Others

Author: Spectator The
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The two great errors into which a mistaken devotion may betray us. are
enthusiasm and superstition. ... Most of the sects that fall short of the church of
England have in them strong tinctures of enthusiasm, as the Roman. catholic
religion is one huge ... of human reason, that expose us to the scorn and derision
of infidels, and sink us even below the beasts that perish. Idolatry may be looked
upon as another error arising from mistaken devotion ; but because reflections on
that subject ...

The Churchman

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who keep constantly exclaiming in their sense of failure, “We have done all we
could.” It is scarcely too much to say that nothing is more prejudicial to the
success of the Church's work than the sleepless ... commission, he fostered the
religious community; he was saturated with the Catholic spirit of religious
devotion. ... The Lady Chapel in a cathedral has lost much of the dignity and
importance it once possessed as dedicated to worship under the tutelage of the
blessed Virgin Mary.

The Tablet

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Whilst we have many excellent works on our Lady and other popular Catholic
devotions, the number of books on the .... the work of Padre Lanzoni, he has
himself furnished much food for reflection to lukewarm, thoughtless, or worldly
Catholics. ... hardly yet learned the only rule which Catholic faith can tolerate, that
nothing can be too good for Jesus on the altar. ... The book has quite lost its
foreign garb, in the idiomatic version of Father Cormack, whose conscientio
labours will be of ...

The Parliamentary Debates

Author: Great Britain. Parliament
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I do not complain in the least of that reticence on his part; I can well understand
that it may be required; but, nevertheless, the ... Through it large sums of money
have been risked and lost, and great energies and much devotion have been
expended in ... It is not only that we should be animated by gratitude to the
Company, but there is also the reflection that ... the zeal of France for the Roman
Catholic Church, I cannot admit that France has a natural right to protect the
Roman Catholics, ...

The Lamp Ed By T E Bradley

Author: Thomas Earnshaw Bradley
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We think we may venture to assume it as a probability, that the writer of the
Vienna newspaper is a Catholic. ... a "geuuine Conservatism" as this, and the "
genuine Toryism " of the Derby aristocratic faction, wo are at a loss to conceive. ...
Nothing can exceed the wisdom manifested by the Church in the means by which
she annually conducts us through a ... We feel that no amount of suffering could
have worn out our devotion, no degree of terror could have chased us from His

The Rural Visiter Sic

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Many there are, who leave their humility in the closet, and their devotion at
church; who are constant in the observance of all the ... Nothing can justify a
single act of caprice, sullenness, or ill humour. ... If this salt have lost its savour,
where with shall it be seasoned 2* How unfit are many parents to educate a
daughter! ... to recommend, and of . it is impossible to speak in terms of too high
approbation, furnished most of the reflections, which occur in this and the
preceding number.

A Primer On Christian Worship

Author: William Dyrness
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
ISBN: 0802860389
Size: 22.98 MB
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Here we might wonder what might have been lost from Calvin's locked — and
increasingly barren — church space. ... But, at the same time, did the elimination
of devotional objects and actions reduce the places for the emotional connection
withthe ... and, indeed, Catholic believers of the Counter-Reformation — might
have lamented all that was lost by the process of reform. ... There was nothing to
touch, see, or experience that would set forth the palpable connection with this