Reynold S Political Instructor

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The imprisonment of the mother by the father for forty years, the unnatural check
given to the tide of natural affection, to maternal love, could not fail to deaden the
moral faculties already so obtuse, and the two, father and son, glared one upon
the ... the two courts, it was hoped that a compromise might be effected ; but the
whole resulted in a war, and Admiral Vernon took Portebello, which pleased the
people, as they had cursed the place for having caused Admiral Hozier's death
and ...

The Illustrated London News

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Falnay. 2.-All soul SATURDAY, 3.—Laü. ETIMES OF E FOR THr. --- Sunday. |
Monday. 1 T. A Book about Doctors. Dy Two volumes. Hurst and A Description of
the H Timbs. Bentley. | A Trip to Monmouthshire thr Herefordshire. By W. F. B. c£
uela | mplete Practical Guide t £ aithful for Evor. B - Ps Parker and Son. y C. Pt
Flowers, Grasscs, and Sh Bock on Botany. By M w cod. Gems of Christian
Psalmody. it''''', the Island of Portland. Hi:#E land. B - story 11gian Routled s y th
IIoliday #. for ...

Garibaldi His Life And Times By F Young And W B B Stevens

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He was reproached in a covert manner for his well-known cowardice by men who
had won their honours in the hattle-field, whenever he sknlked ahout arrayed in
uniform ; all men of real ahility langhed at his pretensions, and even the ... It was
determined by the Government to send an expedition to chastise the Indians on
the frontier for v heir predatory incursions, and General Rosas besought the
anthorities to allow him to take command of the army that was destined for this

Appletons Journal

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This tale contains sketches of German university-life, grounded on his own
experience, and also in part gives pictures of the war of the American Revolution.
In 1841, Daniel Webster, then Secretary of ... We have the circumstances
connected with what proved to be an interesting episode in the history of
literature, fully related in a letter written by Mr. Motley, then at Rome, on the day (
Febru- ary 26, 1869) on which he heard of Mr. Prescott's death. It was addressed
to Mr.- William Amory, ...

Every Saturday

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The collision was terrible. The engine plunged through nearly the entire length of
the rear car of the forward train, crushing the helpless and unsuspecting inmates,
and pouring forth scalding steam from its broken pipes. The lamps in the forward
cars were broken by the force of the ... Since Dr. Channing's death he has 1 ... Dr.
Gannett was a man of rare powers and rare virtues, a fearlessly inquiring scholar,
a fervent and eloquent preacher, a sympathizing pastor and an untiring worker.

The Spectator

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remarkable incident in recent Chinese history. Rewards and honours have been
showered on the successful General, and nearly two months ago he was raised
to the high post of President of the Board of War. Tso Tsung Tang, who, in remote
Central ... His thorough accord, not merely with the party of the Palace, but also
with many of the most powerful aspirations among the people, render his
influence very important, if not, indeed, absolute. All Li Hung Chang's former
services will ...

The Saturday Review Of Politics Literature Science And Art

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The plot of the story is of the simplest kind ; so simple, indeed, that one is almost
afraid to state it, lest the interest of the reader should be damped before
commencing to read the book. It turns on an episode which is represented to
have occurred at the battle of Inkeriuanu, where a wounded English Guardsman
accidentally kills a young Russian officer, the cousin and the boy lover of Ye'ra,
and who just before his death begs the Englishman to take care of some little
love tokens which ...

The Golden Argosy

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As a rule we start them with the beginning of some serial story, unless otherwise
ordered. ... Renewal---two weeks are required after receipt of money by ms
before the number opposite your name on the printed slip can be changed, Every
subscriber is notified three weeks before the expiration of his subscription, and, it
he does not renew at once, his paper is ... A very bright career in his chosen
profession seemed to lie before the young man so suddenly stricken by the hand
of death.