Backpacker Magazine S Bear Country Behavior

Author: Bill Schneider
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0762776129
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This volume discusses food storage, special considerations for women, and special precautions for hunters, anglers, mountain bikers, and photographers.

Safety In Bear Country

Author: William R. Meehan
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Guidelines to prevent hazardous encounters with bears in Alaska are presented and performance of commonly used weapons and ammunition is discussed.

Getting Along In Bear Country

Author: United States. Forest Service. Pacific Northwest Region
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As long as you are in bear country it is important to think safety. The following
hints can help you minimize the danger for yourself and others. • Hike with friends
. • Hike only during the day, not before dawn, during twilight or at night. • Make
noises so that bears are not taken by surprise. Tie bells to your backpack to alert
bears of your presence. • Be alert while picking berries in isolated mountain
areas. • Use extra caution where your hearing or visibility is limited, as in brushy
areas, near ...

In Bear Country

Author: Jake Macdonald
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0762767987
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nervous about safety and liability issues. “By the late 1980s I had experienced
over a hundred close-up encounters with grizzlies and black bears,” Shelton told
me as he drank his coffee. “People knew that I had spent a lot of time observing
bears and studying their behavior, and they often asked me for advice. There was
a lot of misinformation on the subject of bear safety, so I began giving people
advice, and this evolved into a training package.” In 1989 the Ministry of Forests
called ...

Hiking Canyonlands And Arches National Parks

Author: Bill Schneider
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0762786140
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Be. Bear. Aware. The first step of any hike in bear country is an attitude
adjustment. Nothing guarantees total safety. Hiking in bear country like
Yellowstone adds a small additional risk to your trip. However, that risk can be
greatly minimized by adhering to this ...

Safety In Bear Country

Author: M. Bromley
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Human-bear encounters have occurred since both species began competing for
the same habitat. ln the last few decades, however, with a significant increase in
the number of people living and working in bear country, there has been a
corresponding increase in the number of human-bear conflicts. Conflicts can
result in human injury or death, the destruction of property, and the death of the
bear. ln an effort to increase human safety and reduce the number of nuisance
bear kills, the ...

Wilderness Medicine E Book

Author: Paul S. Auerbach
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 1455733563
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Although this information is not as readily available as attack records, it is critical
to our knowledge of grizzly–human interactions. Box 57-1 lists website resources
for how to prevent bear attacks. From 1900 to 1985, 115 human injuries were
reported from black, polar, and grizzly bear attacks in Alaska, but only two victims
were natives.41 This strongly suggests that the behavior of people is important in
determining how to coexist with bears safely. Safety in bear country involves four

Into Brown Bear Country

Author: Willard A. Troyer
Publisher: University of Alaska Press
ISBN: 1889963720
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FIGURE 54 Elevated platforms available in some areas provide a safe place to
view and photograph bears. These viewers are at Brooks Falls at Brooks Camp,
Naknek Lake, Katmai National Park. ROOM TO ROAM LOW FOG AND
INCESSANT RAIN OBSCURED THE. 6. Everyone is warned to keep fifty yards
from single bears and one hundred yards from all family groups when not on the
platforms. 7. Park Service rangers discourage bears from coming near the lodge,
but allow them ...