Mediaeval Latin Palaeography

Author: Leonard E. Boyle
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 9780802065582
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A comprehensive bibliography of medievel palaeontology for a student's use.

Latin Palaeography

Author: Bernhard Bischoff
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521367264
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First published in 1979, this work, by the greatest living authority on medieval palaeography, offers the most comprehensive and up-to-date account in any language of the history of Latin script.

Introduction To Medieval Latin

Author: Karl Strecker
Publisher: Georg Olms Verlag
ISBN: 9783615400946
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... Paris [1951]; 6: France: Abbeville-Valenciennes [1953]; all pub. in Oxford), 1 1
parts planned. PALAEOGRAPHY Anyone who studies Medieval Latin finds
himself in constant touch with the manuscripts. In fact, it is this which gives the
study an added fascination. Consequently, it becomes important to be able to
read the manuscripts correctly. If circumstances permit, it may be a good idea for
the beginner to become intimately acquainted with an original manuscript of
medium difficulty.

Medieval Studies

Author: James M. Powell
Publisher: Syracuse University Press
ISBN: 9780815625568
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Leonard E. Boyle was Professor of Palaeography and Diplomatics at the
Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, University of Toronto, 1961-84. Educated
in Ireland and England (D.Phil. Oxford, 1956), he taught at the University of St.
Thomas, Rome, 1956-61. He is the author of A Survey of the Vatican Archives
and of Its Medieval Holdings (1972), Pastoral Care, Clerical Education and
Canon Law, 1200-1400 (1981), Medieval Latin Palaeography: A Bibliographical
Introduction ...

Medieval Latin

Author: K. P. Harrington
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226317137
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The notion that I might revise K. P. Harrington's Mediaeval Latin was first
suggested to me by my colleague, William F. Wyatt, Jr., to whom I offer my first
thanks. The proposal initiated by his comment, which he kindly critiqued, was
warmly ... of the headnotes and bibliographical essays, offering much
improvement. Robert Mathiesen, William Crossgrove, and Michel-Andre Bossy
answered questions, respectively, about Latin paleography, Old and Middle High
German, and Occitan.

An Eighth Century Latin Anglo Saxon Glossary Preserved In The Library Of Corpus Christi College Cambridge

Author: Jan Hendrik Hessels
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1108029086
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In the Latin index every word contained in the Glossary is inserted in its proper
place in the alphabet, in exactly the same form as it appears in the text; but the
wrong division of words has not been adhered to. In the A. S. index I have ...
making it free from serious blemishes. I took it in hand in 1884, when I was told by
members of the Cambridge Board of Mediaeval and Modern Languages that
there was a prospect of Mediaeval Latin and Palaeography being included in
their scheme.

Studies In Early Mediaeval Latin Glossaries

Author: Wallace Martin Lindsay
Publisher: Variorum Publishing
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(Pisa, 1988), II, 619^19, at 621-6; on his contribution to Mediaeval Latin studies,
see M. Lapidge, 'Medieval Latin Philology in the British Isles', in La filologia
medievale e umanistica greca e latina nel secola XX, 2 vols. (Rome, 1993), I, 153
-88, at 157-61. Finally, on Lindsay's contribution to the study of Latin
palaeography, see the moving tribute by E.A. Lowe in the introduction to the first
edition of vol. II of his Codices Latini Antiquiores ( 1935): 'I should like to end this
long Introduction ...