Inside Vogue

Author: Alexandra Shulman
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 024197836X
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My Diary Of Vogue's 100th Year Alexandra Shulman. 19 February It's three fifteen
in the morning – the darkest hour. What I call the night train has just gone past,
the one that is meant to carry nuclear waste through the city from north to south.


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It costs $24 a year, but in order to acquaint you with The Journal, we make this
offer: You can get a Trial Subscription for 3 months for $7. ... Sometimes they are
in groups, like the great vogue in high science shares which burned itself out in
the excesses of the spring of 1961. ... Every week I look over a few hundred chart
patterns in search of incipient vogues and anti-vogues, always trying to tie price ...

100 Years Of Fashion Illustration

Author: Cally Blackman
Publisher: Laurence King Publishing
ISBN: 9781856694629
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'Between 1909 and 1929 an explosion of miracles destroyed the old world and
made way for the new ' Jean Cocteau, 1957 ... In 1900, when the new century
dawned, both fashion illustration and fashion design itself looked backward to the
styles of ... Free patterns were included in magazines aimed at this middle market
, such as Weldon's Ladies' Journal (1879), ... Illustrators working for high-fashion
magazines such as American Vogue (1892), Harper's Bazar (1867) and, in
Britain, ...

The British Journal Of Photography

Author: William Crookes
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Fortune smiled in the shape of an invitation from the agency representing Max
Factor to shoot some pictures demonstrating his ... 14 years on Watson is sitting
pretty with a 13 000 square feet state-of-the-art studio, one of the city's best. ...
known for fashion; hardly surprising, as he had covers on three different Vogues
the month we met and a number of features inside. ... designer handing over $50
000 to advertise in Vogue, I'd like to have a couple of my dresses in the editorial

British Journal Of Photography

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He spoke to Trevor Gett in New York Alistair Phillips reports on the results of this
year's Fuji/Association. COVER STORY ... I've never had any trouble with
shooting somebody in motion, having directed about a hundred TV commercials,
and I do a lot of music videos. I go back to my ... surprising, as he had covers on
three different Vogues the month we met and a number of features inside.
Commenting ... If I was a designer handing over $50 000 to advertise in Vogue, I'
d like to have a ...

Journal Of Clinical And Experimental Psychopathology Quarterly Review Of Psychiatry And Neurology

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The soothing effects of opium have long been known, and this drug was
frequently prescribed even 100 years ago. ... These various drugs have had their
respective vogues, depending upon the prevailing knowledge of pharmacology
and on the rationale of their administration. In more ... In recent years the vogue
of psychotherapy has, at least in the minds of some, obscured the fact that certain
physical ...

Chambers S Journal

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problems would have become merely academic ; but in the main the world would
believe what it was taught, or, at the ... we make new vogues, produce new
readings, afford the mind new exercises in judgment and belief. ... true historical
perspective, but in fifty or a hundred years, when such subject is again the vogue,
our judgment may be entirely reversed, while farther on we may be justified again

International Journal Of Medicine And Surgery

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Moderation in all things is an excellent axiom, moderation in drugs and
moderation in vitamins. ... Much of the outstanding work of the great chemists of
the past one hundred years has been concerned with ... It is now the vogue, but
unlike some medical or surgical vogues, on account of its inherent worth, it
cannot be ...

The New Law Journal

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chests doubling their price in two or three years; of late, oak has languished (
guilder trouble has pushed the Dutch, once ... Portrait miniatures (it is remarkable
how often collecting vogues centre on small and portable items which can be ... A
vogue for miniature painting in the first decade of this century produced attractive
examples which are going steadily up in price. An Edwardian miniature which,
three years ago, might have been less than £100, can today fetch £200 to £300.