International Folkloristics

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Hoffmann-Krayer, one of the founders of Swiss folkloristics, is perhaps best
known for his pithy dictum “Die Volksseele produziert nicht, sie reproduziert,”
which appeared in his “Naturgesetz im Volksleben?” Hessische Blätter für
Volkskunde 2 [1903): 57–67. This idea that “the folk doesn't produce but only
reproduces” contends that items of folklore are always created by individuals, not
by a collective entity. Once created, these creations are re-created as an
inevitable result of the ...

The Study Of Religion Under The Impact Of Fascism

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28 Albrecht Dieterich, “Über Wesen und Ziele der Volkskunde,” Hessische Blätter
für Volkskunde 1 (1902), pp. 169–194. This text was originally presented at the
General- versammlung of the Hessische Vereinigung für Volkskunde (May 24,
1902), as journals and chairs of Volkskunde were being created throughout
Germany. According to contemporary reports, it sparked tremendous enthusiasm
at Heidelberg and elsewhere. See pp. 184–187 for the assignment of biological ...

Religion And Culture In Germany

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later in the case of baptism, marriage or burial, while the time of celebration of the
Lord's Supper seemed for evangelical believers to share at least some of the
sacredness of the Mass. Thus, clothes worn to take communion were held to
have healing power, leather ... und Landeskunde (1913), 313; Heinrich Franz, “
Der Tod im hessischen Volksglauben,” Hessische Blätter für Volkskunde 24 (
1925), 44. 35 For numerous testimonies of this, see Strackerjan, Aberglauben 1,
120; Bach, ...

Traditional Magic Spells For Protection And Healing

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Fluchtafel und Wettersegen. Helsinki: Academia scientiarum fennica, 1929. ——
—. Herba, gratiâ plena; die legenden der älteren segensprüche über den
göttlichen ursprung der heil- und zauberkräute. Helsinki: Academia scientiarum
fennica, 1929. ———. “Über Alter und Ursprung der Begegnungssegen.”
Hessische Blätter für Volkskunde 35 (1936): 49–58. ———. “Zu den
Jordansegen.” Zeitschrift für Volkskunde, Neue Folge 1 (1930): 269–74. Olsan,
Lea. “The Three Good Brothers ...

The German Peasantry Routledge Revivals

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... Problematik historischer Volkskunde', Zeitschrift für Volkskunde, 67 (1971), pp.
51-62; and G. Heilfurth, 'Volkskunde jenseits der Ideologien', Hessische Blätter
für Volkskunde, 53 (1962), pp. ... For an evaluation of the place of Volkskunde in
West German historiography, see M. Scharfe, 'Towards a Cultural History: Notes
on Contemporary Volkskunde [folklore] in German-speaking countries', Social
History, 4 (1979), pp. 333-43. 36. Illustrative here are W. Lepenies, 'Probleme
einer ...

Demonology Religion And Witchcraft

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For beliefs and practices associated with changelings, see HDA, IX, pp. 835-64.
52. Fos. Ev'-P. 53. Fos. D vii»-E' 54. On the Neuhausen church of St. Cyriacus
and its scales, see Hugo Hepding, 'Die Cyriak swage [sic] in Neuhausen bei
Worms', Hessische Blätter für Volkskunde, 6, 1907, pp. 32-9, at pp. 33-4. For the
widespread use of such scales from the ninth to seventeenth centuries, see Adolf
Franz, Die kirchlichen Benediktionen imMittelatler, 2 vols., Freiburg im Breisgau 1
909, ...


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The English terms invention of tradition and, more frequently, revitalization have
been adopted to describe the use or manipulation of isolated folkloric materials
for anything from efforts at regional promotion to politically inspired movements.
The Hungarian Tamas Hofer has labeled ... In German Volkskunde: A Decade of
Theoretical Confrontation, Debate, and Reorientation (1967–1977), eds. J. Dow
and H. Lixfeld. ... Hessische Blätter für Volkskunde 55:9–57. Newell, Venetia J.