Author: Timothy A. Robinson
Publisher: Hackett Publishing
ISBN: 9780872206410
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Including over one hundred fifty pages of new material, a new introduction, enhanced headnotes, and an updated list of further readings, this significantly expanded anthology provides a rich selection of traditional and modern works that ...

True Christianity Or The Whole Economy Of God Towards Man And The Whole Duty Of Man Towards God In Four Books Written Originally In The German Language

Author: Johann Arndt
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And consequently as by how much purer and clearer the mirror is, so much more
clearly and evidently does the image of a human face appear therein reflected:
Even so in like manner the more clear and pure the soul is, so much the clearer
and brighter does the divine image, or the face of God in Christ, therein shew
forth itself visibly. § 6. And therefore to this end the great and holy God created
man altogether pure in the beginning, as an unspotted mirror of his brightness,
without the ...

God In The Dock

Author: C. S. Lewis
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
ISBN: 0802871836
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"C. S. Lewis struck me as the most thoroughly converted man I ever met," observes Walter Hooper in this book's preface.

Ben Sira S God

Author: Renate Egger-Wenzel
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110901188
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The Hebrew Bible also depicts God as Father of those in need. The clearest
illustration is the naming of God as “Father of orphans and protector of widows” in
Ps 68:6(5). Ben Sira echoes this text when he encourages his students to imitate
God: “Be like a father to orphans, and in place of a husband to widows, and God
will call you son” (my translation of Sir 4:10 HA).9 Since God is Father of the
needy, the righteous sufferer in Wisdom 2 can be regarded as God's child: “He
calls ...

Faith In God In A Multicultural And Secularized Society

Author: Hermann Häring
Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster
ISBN: 9783825841683
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tology: the God of hope, to whom we address ourselves in our complaints and in-
crimination, is the coming God (cf. Moltmann 1996, 22-28; Jüngel 1982, 389ff.). In
connection with the two characteristics which I have indicated so far (immanent
transcendence and polycentrism), there is a third characteristic that in my view is
gaining steadily in importance: the non-personal nature of God. From survey
resarch we conducted among parishioners of five parishes each in Nijmegen (
The ...

God And Nature

Author: David C. Lindberg
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520056923
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This landmark volume promises not only to silence the persistent rumors of war between Christianity and science, but also serve as the point of departure for new explorations of their relationship, Scholars and general readers alike will ...

The Social God And The Relational Self

Author: Stanley J. Grenz
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press
ISBN: 9780664222031
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"The Social God and the Relational Self" is an example of theological construction as an ongoing conversation involving biblical texts, the theological heritage of the Christian tradition, and the contemporary historical-social context.


Author: Josh Barkin
Publisher: Torah Aura Productions
ISBN: 9781934527085
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Rabbinical students, young Jewish teachers and other young Jews give their personal answers to difficult questions about God.

Loving God

Author: Hope Agu
Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand
ISBN: 3743129809
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It is a wonder and amazingly interesting the realization nothing existed at the
beginning except God. There was no Heaven, no Angels, no earth,theFirmament,
birds,oceans,humanbeings,mountainsanimals and so on, absolutely nothing
except God. Then in His leisure, for His pleasure, He began to create. He created
Heaven and the Angels and all that is in it. He created the Firmament and the
earth and all in it. Of all His creation He fell in love with man, Adam, to whom He
gave ...

The War With God

Author: Pramit Chaudhuri
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0199993386
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This book, therefore, explores the presence of theomachy in Roman imperial poetry, focusing on Seneca and Statius, and sets it within a tradition going back through the Augustan age all the way to archaic Greece.