Our Wildest Wildlife

Author: Bill Yenne
Publisher: IPS Books
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Getting. Along. in. Bear. Country. Most people who see a bear in the wild
consider it the highlight of their trip. The presence of these majestic creatures is a
reminder of how privileged we are to share the continent's wilderness. However,
bears are large, strong and don't like to feel threatened, so they are better
observed at a distance. As noted above, grizzlies in particular are extremely
dangerous. Such public agencies as the National Park Service; the US Fish &
Wildlife Service; the ...

Adirondack Hikes In Hamilton County

Author: Peter Klein
Publisher: Peter Klein
ISBN: 1453608141
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Bear Country Getting along with bears Hamilton County is bear country. During
the 2002 hunting season, more black bear were legally taken in Hamilton County
(101) than in any other New York county. Should this be a cause for worry? No,
certainly not if you follow a few simple precautions. Sanitation measures are the
keys to preventing bears from being a nuisance around houses and in camping
areas. The following offer tips and techniques recommended by most authorities
to ...

Living With Bears

Author: Linda Masterson
Publisher: PixyJack Press
ISBN: 0977372405
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A Practical Guide to Bear Country (1st Edition) Linda Masterson ... Canadian
Mounted Police, in British Columbia WHISTLER, BRITISH COLUMBIA and
Western Alberta to provide training to all the police officers who work in bear
country, with the RCMP providing funding, and the Get Bear Smart Society
providing the bear know-how. ... Get Bear Smart has an extensive and
enlightening Web site that's a must-visit for anyone who wants to know more
about getting along with bears.

Madie Life In Bear Country

Author: Marsha Loftis
Publisher: Lulu.com
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her and Matt along on my get away to the lodge she would still be safe at Central.
Hemy said it wasn't my fault. It was the creep of a new husbands fault. He should
have taken her "No" seriously. We talked for a long time. I promised to help her
get out of jail. I passed on the information that Yates gave me. He said that there
would be a trial and that I could testify on her behalf. Hemy didn't seem to be
thrilled about going to trial. I tried to calm her nerves by telling her not to worry. I
wish I ...

In Bear Country

Author: Jake Macdonald
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0762767987
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Two family units of grizzly bears had claimed her yard as their personal turf, and
they were not only fighting her but each other for ownership. And that's typical. It's
all about food. The big boars monopolize the best fishing spots along the river.
So the sows with cubs and the juvenile bears end up in people's yards because
they've been pushed out of the good habitat. These marginalized animals are
stressed out. Can you blame them? They get beaten up by the boars if they go
near the ...

Ghost Grizzlies

Author: David Petersen
Publisher: Booktango
ISBN: 1468946498
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Does the Great Bear Still Haunt Colorado? David Petersen. overrun the park
each summer, and ... Contrast that to Glacier's stats and remarkable safety record
, and you get a sense of the magnitude of the potential grizzly nonthreat in
Colorado. I recall a recent encounter with an old-line Colorado rancher from ...
not going to come out in favor of grizzly reintroduction here. We worked long and
hard to clean the grizzlies out of this country, and we're getting along just fine
without them.

Backpacker Magazine S Bear Country Behavior

Author: Bill Schneider
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0762776129
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If you can't find a cliff, put the bag on top of a large boulder to at least get it off the
ground. One other option is to use a guaranteed waterproof bag and submerge
the food in a lake or stream overnight. One last option is a portable electric fence,
a fairly new innovation for backpackers. It can weigh less than 4 pounds, so if you
know you'll be camping in a bear-dense area without good food-storage options,
you might want to consider taking one along. The Interagency Grizzly Bear ...

Bear Country

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This year the mother bear does not have to watch over the cubs as she did the
year before. She does not have to find them food. As summer comes on, she will
have other things to do. A mother bear has new cubs, usually two in a litter, every
second year. She must now begin to prepare for the new babies. She has taught
the half-grown cubs all she knows about life in the woods. She has one last
lesson to teach them. She must make them independent. They must learn to get
along ...