Euro Atlantic Discourse In Georgia

Author: Frederik Coene
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317139984
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How have discourses of Euro-Atlanticism been used in domestic and international affairs by the political elite in Georgia?

Central Asia And The Caucasus

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These aspirations not only guide Georgia's foreign and security policies, but also
set the strategic context for Georgia's further development. The fact that the last
waves of NATO and EU enlargements have brought the Black Sea region into the
limelight of the Euro-Atlantic discourse is seen by Georgia as yet another
opportunity to position itself as an effective contributor to the security environment
in the region. The best means to serve this goal is participation in effective
multilateral ...

Identities And Solidarity In Foreign Policy

Author: Elsa Tulmets
Publisher: Ústav mezinárodních vztahů, v. v. i.
ISBN: 8087558049
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Four East European states are considered target countries for the Czech
democratic promotion – Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia (Ministry of
Foreign Affairs, 2010). ... CONCLUSIONS The Czech Republic's foreign policy
identity is based on two basic notions: the support to human rights and
democracy and the support to further enlargement of the Euro-Atlantic institutions
. The former has been present in the Czech discourse since the beginning of the
1990s. With the ...

A Discourse Delivered At Plymouth December 22 1820

Author: Daniel Webster
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And how is it possible, that he should possess vast tracts of country, which
neither he, nor any European, had ever seen ; but which were in fact inhabited by
numerous independent nations, of whose character, rights, or even existence, he
knew nothing. Many grants to American colonists were bounded by lines running
west from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean. This was particularly the case with the
charters of Georgia. Will it be seriously contended, that a royal grant of this kind ...


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Clearly, more needs to be done and we support a deepening of Georgia's
democracy, which is essential for Georgia's sustainable internal development
and for fulfilling Georgia's aspirations to join Euro-Atlantic institutions. Georgia
has had a vigorous political debate in the past four months, and that is
encouraging. The debate has largely been peaceful and orderly, but both
protestors and the government have committed acts of violence. Accountability
for acts of violence by both ...

Security Sector Reform And Post Conflict Peacebuilding

Author: Albrecht Schnabel
Publisher: United Nations Univ
ISBN: 9789280811094
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Themes of the strategic discourse Civil-military relations encompass the process
of developing a strategic discourse and, as a result, formulating national interests
and strategy. It lies in the nature of democracy ... the framework of the Euro-
Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC) and Partnership for Peace programmes has
been facilitating the process of building a contemporary security discourse that
has been developed and tested in democratic societies. Bilateral cooperation
with NATO ...

Milletleraras M Nasebetler T Rk Y Ll

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Zviad Gamsakhurdia was the fırst elected president of the post- Soviet Georgia
after independence. Gamsakhurdia grasped power in Georgia, thanks to his
personal charisma and his anti-Russian nationalist discourse. Despite having a
strong public support, he could not manage to keep his country in good ... He
objected efforts to make his country one of the members of the Euro-Atlantic
Community. But, unfortunately he was unable to tie Western interests with
Georgia's by choosing ...

Baltic Security And Defence Review

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The Bucharest Summit declaration on Georgia and Ukraine one day joining
NATO without a Membership Action Plan (MAP) finds itself integrated in what
Russia sees as an integrated discourse of politico-military-economic expansion
detrimental ... When coupled with the fragmentation of policy-making on energy
security, Russian unilateralism, as recently demonstrated in Georgia, is a factor
that acts on straining relations not only between the Euro-Atlantic partnership and
Russia, but ...

A Resurgent Russia And The West

Author: Roger E. Kanet
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The armed intervention in Georgia in the summer of 2008, already under
Medvedev, became a material expression of this assertiveness. The 2001
terrorist attacks and the global fight against terrorism were used by the Russian
President in this search for realignment with the West, and in the reaffirmation of
its intemational political status as promoter of decision and influence in
intemational politics. 'Integration processes, in particular, in the Euro-Atlantic
region are quite often pursued ...