Drink The Harvest

Author: Nan K. Chase
Publisher: Storey Publishing
ISBN: 1603429131
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Drink the Harvest presents simple recipes accompanied by mouthwatering photographs for a variety of teas, syrups, ciders, wines, and kombuchas.

Cutler S Red Book Of Priceless Recipes

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Dilute this to proper thickness for drinking and strain it through a cloth. It is most
refreshing to the hot and thirsty workmen. Even raw oatmeal stirred into a bucket
of cold water makes a drink refreshing and cooling. How to Preserve Fruit Juices.
—Fruit juices may be put up and used for beverages at any time of the year in the
following manner: Heat the fruit and strain it as in making jelly, then cook it for
fifteen minutes, skimming it until it is clear. Add one cupful of heated sugar to
every ...

The Cultivator

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Entroas—As the time is at hand when the husbandman must go forth to put in the
sickle and the scythe, and,while the harvest is plenty and the laborers few, it may
be well for all to take heed what we eat or what we drink, that we may have good
health and a vigorous arm, that every blow may ... Directions for making
Express the juice from raspberries; to one pint oi'juicc add a quart of vinegar and
one pound of white sugar; boil it till the scum rises, which skim ed, and bottle it for

Happy Happy Happy

Author: Phil Robertson
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476726116
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The harvest was so great that Granny lit all four burners on the stove and had Pa
and Jimmy Frank set an entire number three washtub full of grapes on top of
them to render the juice. As our luck ... After making a smaller amount of jelly than
usual, my family simply sealed a number of gallons of surplus grape juice in quart
jars without sugar and stored them in the cabinets alongside and beneath the
sink—thinking we might make jelly later, after the price of sugar went down. But
we ...

The Country Gentleman

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The tops furnish green fodder for cattle, and the came itself is usually ground is a
small horse mill and the juice is boiled down into sirup for family use just as
maple sirup is made in small batches. Real Southern cane ... Guavas are also put
up as marmalade, jam, preserve and catchup, and from the juice a delicious sirup
is made, with a flavor as rich as that of maple sirup. ... The peculiar lime flavor, not
approximated by any variety of lemon, has also been a factor in making a market.

Dictionaire Oeconomique Or The Family Dictionary

Author: Noel Chomel
Size: 47.82 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Containing the Most Experienced Methods of Improving Estates and of
Preserving Health ... the Most Advantageous Ways of Breeding, Feeding, and
Ordering All Sorts of Domestick Animals ... the Different Kinds of Nets, Snares,
and Engines for Taking All Sorts of Fish, Birds, and Other Game, Great Variety of
Rules, Directions, and New Discoveries Relating to Gardening ... the Best and
Cheapest Ways of Providing and Improving All Manner of Meats and Drinks ...
Means of Making the ...

The Delineator

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Cleanses, heals, beautifies, preserves the complexion. Produces a healthy, clean
, creamy skin. - % Positively will NOT promote * the growth of hair. Will not
decompose. Convenient, Sanitary Tin Tubes (No danger of lead poisoning.) The
form recommended and used by physicians. These tubes preserve the absolute
purity of Vaseline and keep it free from dust and germs. Sered for- ourFree Book/
et It describes all of the Vaseline products with full instructions astohow and
whentouse ...

Real Food Fermentation

Author: Alex Lewin
Publisher: Quarry
ISBN: 1592537847
Size: 20.20 MB
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Author and health strategist Alex Lewin empowers you with the tools, techniques, instructions, and delicious recipes to make all fermented foods at home in this essential book for your culinary library.