Ct Of The Heart

Author: U. Joseph Schoepf
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Leading clinicians and researchers from around the world review the full scope of current developments, research, and scientific controversy regarding the principles and applications of cardiac CT. Richly illustrated with numerous black-and ...

Novel Techniques For Imaging The Heart

Author: Marcelo F. Di Carli
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This book brings the recent dramatic changes in the field of cardiovascular imaging into the clinical setting to enable the clinician to best use the technology at hand.

Cardiac Pet And Pet Ct Imaging

Author: Marcello F. Di Carli
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CT. Anatomy. of. the. Heart. Lawrence. M. Boxt. and. Martin. J. Lipton. The
development of magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography (CT) of
the heart has provided significant advances in the diagnosis and management of
patients with acquired and congenital heart disease. Certainly, the dramatic
improvement in temporal resolution obtained using electrocardiogram (ECG)-
gated multidetector CT scanning has set the stage for the implementation of this
mature ...

Cardiac Ct And Mr For Adult Congenital Heart Disease

Author: Farhood Saremi
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Recent technical evolutions in cardiac CT can be summarized into longer z-axis
coverage, faster gantry rotation speed, higher pitch, ECGsynchronized scanning,
and various dose reduction techniques. Dose reduction techniques are
described in a separate section. Because most corrective surgeries for congenital
heart disease are undertaken early in their life, CT scan techniques should be
adapted to free-breathing young children with high heart rates [5,6]. Optimal scan
techniques ...

Ct Atlas Of Adult Congenital Heart Disease

Author: Wojciech Mazur
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Patent foramen ovale: a review of associated conditions and the impact of
physiological size. JAm Coll Cardiol. 2001;38:613–23. 9. Hughes Jr D, Siegel MJ
. Computed tomography of adult congenital heart disease. Radiol Clin North Am.
2010;48:817–35. doi:10.1016/j. rcl.2010.04.005. Leschka S, Oechslin E,
Husmann L, Desbiolles L, Marincek B, Genoni M, et al. Pre- and postoperative
evaluation of congenital heart disease in children and adults with 64-section CT.

Multi Slice Ct In Cardiac Imaging

Author: Bernd M. Ohnesorge
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Circulation 93:1951-1953 Assmann G, Carmena R, Cullen Petal (1999) Coronary
heart disease: reducing the risk, a worldwide view. Circulation 100:1930-1938
Bahner ML, Böse J, Lutz A, Wallschläger H, Regn J, van Kaick G. (1999)
Retrospectively ECG-gated spiral CT of the heart and lung. Eur Radiol 9:106–
109 Barbier M, Bowler T, Ludman PA, Mitchell AG, Wood D, Yacoub M (1994)
Ultrafast computed tomography scanning for detection of coronary disease in
cardiac transplant ...

Congenital Heart Defects Decision Making For Surgery

Author: Antonio F. Corno
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ntroduction. to. CT. scan. and. MRI. Appendix: Cardiac MRI protocols for the
evaluation of congenital heart. z Introduction Transthoracic echocardiography is
the first- line imaging modality for diagnosis and follow-up of patients with
congenital heart defects due to its low cost, widespread availability, portability,
ease of use, and excellent temporal-spatial resolution, reducing the need for
diagnostic cardiac catheterization and angiography in most patients. However,
the diagnostic utility ...

Multi Slice And Dual Source Ct In Cardiac Imaging

Author: Bernd M. Ohnesorge
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Roman Fischbach Contents 2.1 Topography 23 2.2 Standard Views 24 2.3
Coronary Arteries and Veins 30 2.4 Pericardium 32 2.5 Cardiac Chambers 33 2.6
Cardiac Valves 34 2.7 Great Vessels 35 References 39 2.1 Modern cross-
sectional imaging techniques such as echocardiography, magnetic resonance
imaging (MRI), and multi-slice CT provide high-resolution visualization of cardiac
morphology and function (Ooijen 2004). All of these modalities permit imaging of
the heart in ...

Pediatric Imaging

Author: Lane F. Donnelly
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modalities are used to define the morphology, vascular connections, and function
of the heart in children with congenital heart disease. Such modalities include
radiography, echocardiography, computed tomography (CT), magnetic
resonance imaging (MRI), and angiography. Multiple insults can occur in utero
and can lead to congenital heart disease. In many cases, a specific insult results
in a single type of ...

Saving Women S Hearts

Author: Martha Gulati
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780470678473
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How You Can Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease With Natural and
Conventional Strategies Martha Gulati, Sherry Torkos. improve the accuracy of
predicting the risk when considered in addition to traditional cardiac risk factors.
Risks: None. Computed Tomography (CT) Heart Scan Method: A computed
tomography (CT) scan is a type of X-ray that repeatedly takes thin, cross-
sectional images of your heart, or tomograms. These "slices" are then
reconstructed on a computer to produce ...