The Descartes Dictionary

Author: Kurt Smith
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Withthis difference in mind, where G ≠ F,one distinctly perceives that sis F
whenever one is compelled to ascribe F to s(andso the perception is clear)and is
compelled not to ascribeG to s. Notice this ... clearly and distinctly perceive that
bodyis extended (or, our perception that body isextended is clear and distinct)
sincewe are compelled to ascribe extension to body(i.e., we must ascribe
extension to body), but atthe sametime we are compelled not to ascribe thought
or thinking tobody.

Healthcare Hell And Revelations Of A Compelled Black Woman

Author: JB WinSi
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Compelled forward, I did not allow this temporary set back to derail me. I will try
again at another University and lavish in success there or another if need ...
Republicans attempted, yet again, to stop the unemployment benefits extension
bill, also stopping small business program extension, instead succeeded to
SHUTDOWN THE GOVERNMENT affecting millions by putting selfish protocols
before people - again. How typical! According to CNN, Republicans have
maintained that the ...

Rights Democracy And Fulfillment In The Era Of Identity Politics

Author: David Ingram
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Again, the extension of democracy to the workplace is not as such compelled by
discourse ethics or even a broader theory of communication action. In some
sense this extension is compelled by sociocultural values, such as the notion—
already operant in other areas of life—that one should have some control over
whatever affects one's life deeply and importantly. Perhaps, too, it is compelled
by the basic concept of having an enforceable right. For as we shall see in the
next chapter, ...

Compelled By Love

Author: Ed Stetzer
Publisher: New Hope Publishers
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Rather, God actually is love. Therefore, the love born from His being is not earthly
by nature; it isn't human or common: it is a divine love. Unfortunately, the church
is known as many things today. Collectively, Christians are seen as one of
several moral standards for the culture, as a political voting bloc, sometimes even
as a hypocritical mass. Yet God didn't create the church for it to establish political,
ethical, or sociological positions. Instead, the church is to be known as an
extension of ...

Religious Thought In The Nineteenth Century Illustrated From Writers Of The Period

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He should have added, that the antagonist assumption of a finite divisibility is
equally incomprehensible; it being as impossible to conceive an ultimate unit, or
least possible extension, as it is to conceive the process of division carried on to
infinity. Extension is presented to the mind as a relation between parts exterior to
each other, whose reality cannot consist merely in their juxtaposition. We are thus
compelled to believe that extension itself is dependent upon some higher law —
that ...

The Constitutional Protection Of Freedom Of Expression

Author: Richard Moon
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
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If compelled expression is objectionable because it amounts to an invasion of the
individual's personal sphere, there may be less concern when a large corporate
entity is 'compelled' to speak or when the state gives communicative access to
corporate property. Even if we were to view access to ... 'personal sphere.'
However, the courts have gone well beyond this extension of the compelled
expression principle and have struck down laws requiring access to the print
media (and, ...

Administration Of Government Contracts

Author: John Cibinic
Publisher: CCH Incorporated
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If it assumes that it will not get the extension and accelerates, it will not be able to
later prove the order element necessary for a constructive acceleration claim.
According to the board in Carroll, this is simply the result of the contractor's duty
to perform diligently during the resolution of a dispute, and the mere fact that a
contractor that has not been granted an extension adjusts its schedule to
complete the work on time does not show that the contractor was compelled to
adjust its ...

The Extension Of Coastal State Jurisdiction In Enclosed Or Semi Enclosed Seas

Author: Mitja Grbec
Publisher: Routledge
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308 An important question seems to be whether the Tribunal willbe compelled
toapply or atleast toconsider, theapplication of the principle of utipossidetis.
Theanswer seems to be positivefor the following reasons. First, the applicable
law in Article 4(1) applies bothtothe determination of the land and maritime
boundary alike,andat leastwith regard totheland boundary there cannot beany
doubt that the tribunal will be compelled to apply the principle of uti possidetis.
This follows both ...

University Extension

Author: William Henry Draper
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He cannot afford to weary his hearers, for they are not compelled to come to
listen to him again. It is his difficult task to combine the lucidity and force of good
platform-speaking with the accuracy and precision of language which
characterise the scholar. His success as a teacher will depend on his convincing
his audience that he is in intellectual sympathy with them. It will not do for him
intellectually to despise them. He is facing an audience which comprises persons
whose experience ...

The Intellectual Repository For The New Church July Sept 1817 Continued As The Intellectual Repository And New Jerusalem Magazine Enlarged Ser

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... than reason, but which is often all that is meant by the term reason. While pure
reason affirms the existence of the Divine Form, it altogether repudiates
extension as a property of that form, whatever objections to The contrary the
merely natural perceptions, founded in ideas of space, may suggest ; and to the
suggestions of reason an ear should be given in preference to those mere
appearances which have no better ground than the fallacies of the senses.
Reason is compelled by ...