Chinese Kisses

Author: Martin Avery
ISBN: 1304776891
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Chinese Kisses: 101 Poems Made in China, by Marty Avery, is a collection of poems inspired by Chinese and Canadian poets, set in Dalian, China, including JinShiTan and KaiFaQu, in 2013, capturing first impressions that will be lasting ...

Lenin S Kisses

Author: Yan Lianke
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1446484734
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The extraordinary thing about Mao Zhi, however, is that even though she was an
outsider, she wore the traditional clothing of the village. Despite already being
seventeen, she still touldn't farm or sew, though she could recognize quite a few
Chinese characters. She had been rescued by the stonemason, who at the time
was a thirty-one-year-old bachelor—almost fifteen years older than she—and
therefore was anxious to 134 CHAPTER 5: FURTHER READING— ...

Chinatowns In A Transnational World

Author: Vanessa Künnemann
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113670924X
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Kisses”. The. Chinatown. Fantasies. of. Thomas. Burke. Anne. Witchard. Itwas
atthe end ofthe1890s that the reading public first became awareof Limehouse as
London's Chinatown. Sax Rohmer's Limehouse, a place of“darknarrow
streetsand sinisterlooking alleys,” was a straightforward exploitationof current
press anxieties which makes the Chinatown fictionof his lesser known
contemporary, Thomas Burke, appearall the more remarkable (Rohmer 1919:
115). While it is throughthe ...

Greenwich Village Quill

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SEPTEMBER, 1918 KISSES By PRIVATE PIERRE LovING Her carmine mouth is
full of little fluttering kisses, And I seek to lure them with my obstinate lips. There
are fragile, dainty Japanese kisses like shredded petals; Chinese kisses, dumb
and hollow as a gong; Also young kisses out of the west; Kisses like white virgins,
home from prayer, And kisses obedient, like a little maid. But, oh, the kisses that
are molten tears of anguish And the tiny kisses that are innocent sin! But most of
all I ...

Foreign Devil

Author: Janet Fitch
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Her Chinese kisses weren't smacks like American ones but rather were deep
inhalings of breath while she nuzzled my neck and let out long "ahhhhhs." She
had an exotic smell of oil from soaked camphor wood shavings with which she
slicked her thinning hair back into a small bun. She called me shaw-pao-pei (little
precious one) and our mutuaT aye (love) was a strong, engulfing feeling. Chao
Dee and Ah Ching got along famously. She had been badly used by a drunken
lout of a ...

Welcome To China

Author: Kaz Drysdale
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469166127
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Music starts up again as the Summer begin to mime and dance again. After her
number, Summer sits with film producer Chinese Australian ANDREW (5 Os).
ANDREW Come to China, my lovely silent songbird. I'm going there next week for
a movie deal. There may be a role for you. SUMMER China? Ohh, Andrew. Such
an exotic offer—but l have Alex. ANDREW If things change—or you ditch Alex.
Here's my card—Chinese address. Andrew kisses her lips. Summer shoves his
card in ...

Once Upon A Time In China

Author: Jeff Yang
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9780743448178
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A Guide to Hong Kong, Taiwanese, and Mainland Chinese Cinema Jeff Yang, Art
Black. New Wave Dreams and Ballistic Kisses: The Eighties As early as 1976 or
1977, I told my boss that the film I wanted to make most was a gangster movie ... I
wanted to make a lone killer film like [Jean-Paul] Melville's Le Samourai, or a
gangster movie like those in which Humphrey Bogart played . . . When I was in
Taiwan, I talked with Tsui Hark one day about a film that we both wanted to
remake: ...

Film Review

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I saw it on August 22, 1960, in the smallest cinema in my home town which took
the programmes which the major circuits wouldn't touch, and which had the
reputation of allowing underage children to see 'X' films. Plan 9 appeared as the
lower half of a double-bill 'X' programme with The Devil's Partner, which starred
Ed Nelson and Edgar Buchanan. I'm proud to find that my childish review opened
with the words: They can't possibly be serious!' Chinese Kisses Wendy Borland
Fife ...

I Can Read That

Author: Julie Sussman
Publisher: China Books
ISBN: 9780835125338
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Note: Teaches simplified characters, used in mainland China--not so useful in Taiwan.