The Man To See

Author: Evan Thomas
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439127964
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Emerson also had a boyfriend, a handsome ex-marine named Jack Walker, who
lived with the actress at her town house on 61st Street. In the summer of 1958,
Emerson told Walker that she was driving that night up to Boston with Williams.
Walker had drunk a few cocktails and he was the jealous type. "Why are you
doing this?" he asked. Emerson said she felt sorry for Williams, that he was lonely
and trapped in a bad marriage. "That sounded like a line of shit to me," Walker
later said.

Mzs Boston

Author: K. D. McAdams
Publisher: Caveman Worldwide
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I shuffle silently across the room. Carefully I lift a glass off the counter and place it
under the spigot. It doesn't matter if the glass is clean or dirty. The only other thing
I would have drunk out of it would have been coffee or a cocktail. It's so good
when ... You were my hero, I tell everyone about the dude I knoW Who doesn't
Watch TV." “What is Cupcake's plan?" I ask. I need to keep Tucker focused. There
is a long pause and I'm worried that Tucker is gone. He's my connection to
someone ...

And Drink I Did

Author: Jay Keefe
Publisher: Pentian
ISBN: 1629346020
Size: 34.67 MB
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I've been to dozens of concerts, cocktail parties, company outings, and
conventions in Las Vegas and New York city. And I was drunk for all of it. One
time, days after getting approved for a $10,000 credit card, Tom and I decided to
fly to an exotic place just for the hell of it. I had recently been fired from the phone
company but never thought twice about racking up debt. But because Tom was
afraid to fly we drove to South Station in Boston, parked his Jeep, and told the
ticket lady to give ...

Lovers Muggers Thieves A Boston Memoir

Publisher: Lovers, Muggers & Thieves
Size: 63.13 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Our cocktail can I get you, waitress returns and asks, “What Julie?” “Club soda,
honey.” Julie says brightly. She re- turns her attention sion ... Everything in
between is pure shit.” She glances over each shoulder and leans in tighter, “I'm
going to tell you something that could get me killed if my old man ever found out I
said it.” “Maybe you should keep yo mouth ... He came in here earlier all sloppy
drunk, looking for her.” “What's Kitty doing talkin' to the police?” asks Marvin. “
She's fed up ...

Ted Williams

Author: Leigh Montville
Publisher: Anchor
ISBN: 0385507496
Size: 65.29 MB
Format: PDF
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Because he was drunk. Kinder starts. He goes out, throws one pitch into the
backstop, high. He has no idea where he is. McCarthy came out. Kinder's falling
off the mound. They call me in. Kinder's wandering around in back ofthe mound,
he gives me the ball. Hiccup. Go get 'em. . . . “I went drinking once with Frankie
Fontaine. Remember him? Crazy Guggenheim? He was on The Jackie Gleason
Show. He was from Boston. A great guy. He said, 'Come on, let's get a drink.' I
said, 'Okay ...

The Trouble In Aragon Valley

Author: CJ Carroll
ISBN: 1312423544
Size: 29.34 MB
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damn, ask no questions, I'll tell you no lies, happiness. As he drove, he felt the
emergence of an overwhelming ... But they lived, ten, twenty to four walls, a bath
and a kitchen in one part of town, and Darren Green lived in the three-story
brownstone house he'd inherited from his mother, who, when a little drunk from
too many martinis at a cocktail party, her voice thickened with Boston accent,
insisted she was related to the Kennedy family. Darren liked the Sanderson cabin

Martini Straight Up

Author: Lowell Edmunds
Size: 67.47 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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20 The nineteenth-century cocktail was, then, a morning drink and traded
somewhat on bitters' reputation as a good stomachic. ... The cocktail was also
drunk in the out-of-doors. ... The drink was already well enough known to be
abbreviated g.c. The author of an unsigned article in the Boston Morning Post,
who went to see the mock battle, told of taking an early train to Providence and
then boarding a boat: "The boat was to start at 9; we had about ten minutes grace
, and went down to ...

Finally Fate

Author: Tamra Lassiter
Publisher: Tamra Lassiter LLC
ISBN: 1942235836
Size: 61.29 MB
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Even if I was going to marry him, I wouldn't be moving to Boston this summer. “I
have another year of school to finish.” “There are so many colleges and
universities in the Boston area. I'm sure it will be easy to transfer to one.” William's
mother stands near us now, carrying a large platter of shrimp cocktail. She smiles
as if she's solved every problem in two sentences. I can't do this any longer. If I
stay here in this house, I'll be married and pregnant by tomorrow morning. I have
to tell him ...


Author: Sterling Hayden
Publisher: Sheridan House, Inc.
ISBN: 9781574090482
Size: 37.87 MB
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Three of us eat dinner together in a cocktail lounge on the ground floor. I would
like to get drunk but I don't dare, with the Boston "premier" scheduled for half past
eight. ... of course, that he is a good little actor, does what he's told when he's told,
doesn't turn down any rotten parts, co-operates with Lolly and Hedda, and sends
a case of whiskey to each at Christmas, along with flowers at propitious moments,
provided he's polite to the bloodsuckers who write for the fan magazines.

The 12 Bottle Bar

Author: David Solmonson
Publisher: Workman Publishing
ISBN: 0761181385
Size: 49.11 MB
Format: PDF
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Amy has an utterly original approach to cocktails and the spirits from which they
are made, writing about every plant under the sun that is used to distill a liquor.
Reading her book will convince you that mankind's sole purpose on earth is to
distill booze and get drunk on it. Hidden toward the back of the book is this
cocktail, which Amy told us is the best evocation of a seasonal, “cocktail garden”
kind of drink. We wholly agree with her and would happily sip this lighter, more
effervescent ...