Bear Tales And Deer Trails

Author: Mike McConnell
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1469718812
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You will find information about guns, hunting techniques and lore about the animals themselves. The stories are true and drawn from the author’s personal experiences. This is the Tongass when wild was still part of wilderness!

Deer Trails And Camp Tales

Author: Lawrence Merrill
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The forest regions seem to go on forever and deer plus other wild game were
abundant. l can never remember a time when coming home late at night that we
didn't see a deer along the side of the road. Caution ... Believe me, you have
never seen wilderness until you've been to Dad's camp. l do believe l spent that
hour getting into camp on the floor of the car as l was sure that a hugh grizzly
bear would surely jump out at us any minute and proceed to devour our car and
us! Dad was ...

True Bear Tales

Author: David E. Young
ISBN: 9780962366444
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BEARS,. DONT. THEY? STOP THIEF Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State
Park has 13 older cabins rented out from spring through fall, and three additional
brand new cabins rented out year round. One of the latter, called Whitetail Cabin,
is located on a winter cross country ski trail called the Deer Yard Trail. This is
because the trail runs through a winter yarding area for deer. Now, like it or not,
the Porkies are open to hunting during the fall and winter seasons. Firearm deer
hunting ...

Alaska Bear Tales

Author: Larry Kaniut
Publisher: Larry Kaniut
ISBN: 9780882402321
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(ALASKA SPORTSMAN®, July 1961) Double Double Bears Are Trouble On
some occasions it appears that man sees double. "Charles Martin Cloud of ... He
was walking down the trail somewhere along the Chena when he suddenly came
upon a black bear. The two eyed each other ... "John Wall, Ketchikan old-timer
who has spent many seasons as a stream watchman, practices a good-neighbor
policy though his summer neighbors are mostly bears and deer. On two
occasions last ...

Deer Hunting In Paris

Author: Paula Young Lee
Publisher: Travelers' Tales
ISBN: 1609520815
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It's turning into The Survivalist Tale out of Chaucer. I'm not worried. ... Given that
my bear turned out to be a grouse, it seems only right that I should turn into one
too. “Waa,” I complain, as we turn around and start heading back down the
mountain. The exit strategy is this: we go downhill. That's it? That's it. Turns out,
the hike up didn't follow a path. We were mostly following our imaginations, for
what looks like a deer trail from one direction turns out to be a Rorschach test
from the other.

Tales Of Lonely Trails

Author: Zane Grey
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1609771648
Size: 53.92 MB
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Their regret was that they had been unable to see me get a bear, a deer, a lion,
and some turkeys. Their conviction, perhaps formed from association with many
sportsman hunters, was that owing to my bad luck I could not and would not want
to come again. "See here, Haught," I said. "I've had a fine time. Now forget about
this hunt. It's past. We'll plan another. Will you save next fall for me?" "I shore will,"
he replied. "Very well, then, it's settled. Say by August you and the boys cut a trail

Bear Tales From The Canadian Rockies

Author: Brian Patton
Publisher: Fitzhenry & Whiteside Limited
ISBN: 9781894004138
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This represents a considerable number of animals the size of deer and sheep,.
for there was practically no bigger game left in the country at the time.
Consequently, when Bert took up his homestead on the Cottonwood shortly after,
he found lean hunting. One valley, Yarrow Creek canyon, was an exception. No
Indian trails penetrated its thickly wooded bottom, and it teemed with bighorns
and mule deer. Bert was friendly with the senior Stonie chief, King Bear's Paw,
and when the old ...

Guides Tales Of Adventure

Author: North American Hunting Club
ISBN: 9780914697299
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The hounds and bear were in a patch of thick oak brush about 50 yards from us
and barely 10 yards up from the bottom. Confident that the hunt would soon be
over, we didn't take time to catch our breath. Instead, we quickly moved below to
the fight. There was a deer trail leading through the brush to the bear, so we
inched along, moving toward the animal. But the bear heard us and broke for the
bottom. I turned downhill on a run, beating the bear down, but puffing like a steam

Wild Burro Tales

Author: Hal Walter
Publisher: Out There! Publishing
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Once while hunting I killed a mule deer buck several miles back in the Sangre de
Cristo wilderness. I had followed an old forgotten trail to an aspen glade and
tracked a pair of bucks to a scrub-oak slope that afforded a shot in the early
evening light. My only choice was to gut the deer and cache it overnight, then
come back with a burro in the morning to retrieve it. It was nearly dark when I
began searching for a suitable place to stash my deer, but while looking I noticed
bear sign all ...