Api Textbook Of Medicine Ninth Edition Two Volume Set

Author: Y P Munjal
Publisher: JP Medical Ltd
ISBN: 9350250748
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Fully revised and with 1588 images, illustrations and tables, this new edition has many new chapters on topics including nanotechnology and nano-medicine, and clinical approach to key manifestations.

A P I Text Book Of Medicine

Author: K. K. Datey
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... proved as effective as sulphona- mides (0.5 gm per day in children and 1.0 gm
per day in adults). In those who cannot tolerate penicillin or sulphonamides,
broad spectrum antibiotics e.g. erythromycin (125 mg. in children, 250 mg. in
adults per day) is effective in continuous prophylaxis but is less efficient.
REFERENCES 1. WHO technical report series. Prevention ot rheumatic fever.
Series No. 342, 1966. 2. Kaplan, M. H. Autoimmunity to heart. In: textbook of
Immunopathology, Vol. 2 ...

Zone Comprehensive Guide To Pgmee

Publisher: Elsevier India
ISBN: 9788131221044
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Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine, (7th Ed.), Pg. 138 2. Harrison's Principles
of Medicine, (16th Ed.), Pg. 1410, 1411 3. API Textbook of Medicine. (8th Ed), Pg.
575 26. Answer b (T-cell) Explanation • Transplantation immunity is
predominantly cell mediated. • The first set of response is brought about almost
exclusively by T-lymphocytes. • Antibodies are formed more rapidly and
abundantly during a second set of response. • Cyclosporine, an
immunosuppressive agent, contributed ...

Unconventional Organ Damage In Diabetes Ecab

Author: Samar Banerjee
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 813123214X
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Dr. Banerjee has held a number of prestigious positions like Chairman of
Association of Physicians of India (API), West Bengal Branch, and Vice Chairman
, Diabetic Association of India, Kolkata Chapter. He is on the International
Advisory Editorial Board of Davidson's Text Book of Medicine. Dr. Banerjee has
made notable contributions in more than 80 Indian as well as overseas-based
scholarly works. He is also the contributor in API Textbook on Medicine, RSSDI
Textbook on ...

The Antiseptic

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GOKHALE : Valley of Shadows— Problems of Leprosy in India, 1979 ... Rs. 40-00
A.P.I. Textbook of Medicine, 3rd edn., 1979, Vol. I ... Rs. 55-00 SATOSKAR :
Pharmacology 6/e.. New Hard Bound Combined edition ... Rs. 90-00 Paper „ 2
vol. Rs. 54-00 NADKARNI : Indian Materia Medica, 3/e., '76 pr. 2 vols, set ... Rs.
250-00 DWARKANATH : Introduction to Kayachikitsa ... Rs. 20-00 CHAINANI:
Rehabilitation of ...

Indian Journal Of Psychiatry

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In : Organic Psychiatry - The Psychological Consequences of Cerebral Disorder,
Edn. 2, pp 442-444, Delhi : Oxford University Press. Parry, B.L. (1995)
Postpartum syndromes. In : Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry, Vol.1, Edn. 6,
(Eds.) Kaplan, H.l. 8 Sadock, B.J., pp 1059-1066, Baltimore 1 Williams and
Wilkins. Rastogi, G.K. (1979) Anterior pituitary. ln : API Textbook of Medicine, Vol.
1, Edn. 3, (Eds.) Datey, K.K. 8 Shah, S.J., pp 320-321, Bombay : Association of
Physicians of ...

Indian Book Industry

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5-7. New Delhi, Today & Tomorrow, 1980, xxvi ) 342p, Rs 165 GUPTA, S.K. &
SHARMA, P. Ed. Current trends In arid zone hydrology. New Delhi, Today &
Tomorrow, 1980, 540p. Rs200 SAKLANI, P.S. Ed. Current trends in geology. Vol.
2, New ... Today and Tomorrow's Printers and Pub. 1980, Rs 325 MATHEMATICS
PRABHAKAR, T.R. & GUPTA, J.D. Integral calculus. New Delhi, Sultan Chand,
1980, 338+xvp. Rs 16.50 MEDICAL SCIENCE A.P.I. Textbook of medicine. 3 Ed.
2 Vols.

The Journal Of The Association Of Physicians Of India

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Amoebiasis - human infection by Entamoeba histolytica New York. John Wiley
and Sons. 1988; 650-63. 2. Reed SL. Amoebisis and infections with free-living
amoebas. In Fauci AS, Braunwald E, Isselbacher KJ, Wilson JD, Martin JB,
Kasper DL, Hauser SL, Longo DL (Eds) Harrison's principles of internal medicine
. McGraw-Hills New York. 1998; 1 : 1176-80. 3. Naik SR. Amoebiasis. In Sainani
GS. (Ed) API Textbook of Medicine, Association of Physicians of India, Mumbai.
1999; 88-90.