Animal Sheltering

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Features the latest news and informaiton about companion animal protective issues, shelter and humane society management, animal health, humane education, cruelty investigations, new legislation, and much more.

Animal Behavior For Shelter Veterinarians And Staff

Author: Emily Weiss
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118711114
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Laboratory Animal Care, 15, 363–370. Gaskel, R., Dennis, P.E., Goddard, L.E.,
Cocker, F.M. & Wills, J.M. (1985) Isolation of felid herpes virus I from the
trigeminal ganglia of latently infected cats. Journal of Gen Virology, 66 (2), 391–
394. Gourkow, N. & Fraser, D. (2006) The effect of housing and handling
practices on the welfare, behavior and selection of domestic cats (Felis sylvestris
catus) by adopters in an animal shelter. Animal Welfare, 15, 371–377. Gouveia, K
., Magalhães, A.

Shelter Medicine For Veterinarians And Staff

Author: Lila Miller
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118445570
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Role of the animal shelter Animalsheltersneed toprovideperiodic reports
throughICS onsheltered pet numbers, capacities, challenges, and resource
needs. Table 32.3 Animal evacuation and transportation mission. Description
Movement of animals from a hazardous area or to another incident location.
Owners havetheprimary responsibilityforthe evacuation oftheiranimals, butmay
not have resources or the ability to doso. Key challenges Citizens relying on
public transportation will ...

August S Consultations In Feline Internal Medicine

Author: Susan Little
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0323226523
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Animal sheltering is the activity of providing care to society's “unwanted” animals.
The diversity of facilities influences how cats may be sheltered. Cat sheltering
may happen in a bricks and mortar building, such as a municipal impound facility
(“pound”) or a private, nonprofit animal welfare organization. Loose knit,
grassroots efforts are increasingly playing a role in saving the lives of cats, and
this activity may happen in private foster homes or other unconventional “shelter”

The Oxford Handbook Of Animal Studies

Author: Linda Kalof
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199927154
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Animal shelters have existed in the United States for only about 150 years.
Although the terms shelter and pound are often used synonymously today, they
originated in differing missions and values. More precisely, they reflected the
changing status of companion animals and of attitudes toward their appropriate
treatment. This chapter examines the social and cultural significance of animal
sheltering. From this perspective, sheltering reveals how the presence of animals
shapes many ...

Maddie S Infection Control Manual For Animal Shelters

Author: Christine A. Petersen
Publisher: CFSPH Iowa State University
ISBN: 0974552577
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Animal Sheltering 2004a Sept-Oct. p.18-28. Available at: http://www.
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Ferguson Career Resource Guide To Internships And Summer Jobs 2 Volume Set

Author: Carol Turkington
Publisher: Infobase Publishing
ISBN: 1438110464
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Carol Turkington. Requirements: Must be interested in animal- welfare issues
and be able to work effectively with others and must have experience dealing
with the public and providing customer service. Computer skills are a must;
sheltering experience is preferred but not required. You should be flexible and
willing to learn and try new things.

One At A Time

Author: Diane Leigh
Publisher: No Voice Unheard
ISBN: 9780972838702
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A Week in an American Animal Shelter Diane Leigh, Marilee Geyer. with happy
endings, compared to the opposite, is about the same at the shelter as in this
book. And though the total numbers of animals or particular mix of circumstances
may be different at the shelter in your community, you can be assured that the
overall picture is very similar, and that the animals in your shelter have stories
quite like the ones in this book. There is one exception. While this book contains
stories of ...

Academic Research Of Ssah 2015

Author: group of authors
Publisher: Czech Institute of Academic Education z.s.
ISBN: 8090579175
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What is not included in these estimates are the many, and varied, sanctuaries,
rescue groups, and other organizations who also take in companion pets, shelter
them, and attempt to rehome as many as possible. The fact that there is no
central data reporting system regarding U.S. shelters makes comparison across
shelters difficult. In spite of these challenges, a number of similarities, as well as
differences, in sheltering operations has been observed. Additionally, animal
welfare ...

Encyclopedia Of Animal Rights And Animal Welfare

Author: Marc Bekoff
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135930090
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There remained agreat divide between the services, operations, and missionsof
these two differing typesof agencies, whichledto increased strife within the animal
community. In the early1960s,Phyllis Wrightworked hard tounite municipal animal
control agencies andprivate animalshelters. Sheshowed themthat theyshould, in
fact, havethe same mission in mind. Atthat time, professional standards for shelter
operations and animal control programs hadnot yet been established. Joining ...