A Last Stand For Grizzly Bears

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Mapping of grizzly bear habitat to identify key areas. ' Development of a
standardized cumulative effects analysis process to assure all pertinent
information is analyzed before authorizing projects. Use of road closures when
needed to prevent bear/ human conflicts. ' Cooperation with other agencies in
relocation of problem bears to areas where they will not be a menace to humans.
' Integration of grizzly bear needs into National F0rest Plans. 0 Participation in
grizzly bear studies.

The National Forests Of The Northern Region

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Snyder, August 20, 1988, in Intaglio Papers, University of Montana Archives,
Missoula, MT. 8. Iriteragency Grizzly Bear Committee, Grizzly Tracks ( Ogden,
Utah: 1986), pp. I-2; Victor H. Treat, interviews with Ralph Space, August 13,
1988, and Dan Davis, ...

The Groover S Last Stand

Author: Owner Scot Savage
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He acts tough, but underneath that rough exterior is a teddy bear.” “Teddy bear?”
Sam took a seat at the table. “Or do you mean grizzly bear? Who is that guy?” “I
dated him once in high school. Always had a crush on me. Believe me, he's not
as tough as he thinks he is. He really is nice—when he's not drinking.” “
Apparently.” By now a few pseudo-tears were forming in Ellen's eyes. “Sam, I'm
so, so sorry for what I did. You have no idea how terrible I feel.” She tried to grab
a hold of ...


Author: G. Vrill
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... with other large animals in open country. However, if encountered within their
lair, cave bears can be extremely territorial, and rarely hesitate to attack if
cornered. Cave bears primarily attack with their two massive claws. However, if
both claws hit, the cave bear will often draw the creature in for a bite. Abilities:
Unless reduced below -10 health points, cave bears may continue to fight as if
employing the Last Stand discipline. Physical description: Cave bears appear as
massive grizzly ...

The Last Stand Of The Pack

Author: Arthur Carhart
Publisher: University Press of Colorado
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Specifically, a relatively long snout reduces the force of jaw-closing muscles that
is extended at the canine tips during the bite.26 In addition, the joint where the
jaw connects to the skull does not allow the jaw to be locked or heavily stabilized
when biting prey.27 Wolves also lack retractile claws and supinating, muscular
forelimbs, which precludes them from grabbing prey as other large carnivores (
e.g., cougars and grizzly bears) do. Despite the difficulties and dangers of
hunting and ...

The Last Stand

Author: Nathaniel Philbrick
Publisher: Random House
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During the Yellowstone campaign, Custer had learned the art of taxidermy, and
the walls of his study contained the heads ofa buffalo, an antelope, a black-tailed
deer, and the grizzly bear he'd bagged in the Black Hills. At dusk Custer and
Libbie, who had long since resigned themselves to their childlessness, liked to
lounge within this crowded self-made world, with only the glowing embers of the
fire to illuminate the unblinking glass eyes of the animals Custer had killed and

In Bear Country

Author: Jake Macdonald
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
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In the summer, shepherds drove their sheep up the grassy slopes of the High
Sierra, where the last populations of grizzly bears were holding out. Sheep, being
fat and stupid, were a tempting target for bears, and ... other forums celebrating
the indomitable spirit of the Golden State. As the grizzly was making its last stand
in California, the same war was being fought east of the Sierras, in the
grasslands and range country of Montana and Wyoming and Colorado and the
horrible bear 55.

Last Stand

Author: Todd Wilkinson
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
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One stretch reached from the outskirts of Bozeman up the Gallatin Canyon past
the Flying D, paralleling the Gallatin River past Big Sky to the western edge
ofYellowstone National Park. The private checkerboard squares ... terrain that
almost abutted the Flying D. Several key sections were located between the
Spanish Peaks and Big Sky right in the middle of important corridors for elk,
moose, deer, and imperiled species like grizzly bears, wolverines, and lynx.
Turner had a chance to ...

The Last Stand Of The Nez Perce

Author: Harvey Chalmers
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President, 241 Heinmot Hihhih, 80, 98, 100, 228 Heinmot Ilppilp (Red Thunder),
102 Heinmot ...

Chester S Last Stand

Author: Richard E. Brown
Publisher: University of Nevada Press
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By the time Chester struck out for Alistair's in the early morning darkness, Selkirk
had broken his private vow and promised, "I'll go see the lawyer tomorrow about
preparing those papers. You can count on that for Gospel now!" "If you'd asked
me that night," Chester said years afterward, "I'd have said I had it all in the bag. I
could have kissed a grizzly bear, I was dancing and capering about so. Mud nor
chill winds nor tiredness didn't matter to me then, no sir! Everything felt so right!