A Fashionable Affair

Author: Caroline Linden
Publisher: Caroline Linden
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Love is never out of fashion… Felicity Dawkins is determined to save her dress shop, Madame Follette's, from ruin.

Clothing And Fashion American Fashion From Head To Toe 4 Volumes

Author: José Blanco F.
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1610693108
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The cocktail hour became a fashionable affair occurring from six to eight o'clock
in the evening, and a cocktail dress and coordinating accessories became a
necessity. The cocktail dress was a version of French designer Gabrielle “Coco”
Chanel's (1883–1971) little black dress and incorporated the elements of the
daytime dress with longer sleeves and a high neckline but featured fabrics and
design elements fancy enough for an evening affair. Cocktailing was popular
throughout the ...

An Intimate Affair

Author: Jill Fields
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520223691
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costumes and fashionable dress, undermining the idea that a female mourner's
wearing of black signaled her removal from worldly pleasures. Though particular
fabrics and veiling still symbolized mourning, the growing wear of black evening
dresses with low decollete necklines that were unacceptable for daytime
particularly confounded the notion that women in black were secluded in chaste
sorrow.77 Theatrical costumes also fostered black fashion. In the late nineteenth
century, ...

The Club Friend Or A Fashionable Physician

Author: Sydney Rosenfeld
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You are forewarned— consequently, I trust, forearmed, and my duty is fulfilled. (
Starting to go). FILB. (In comic fright). Surely you don't intend to let me cope with
this situation single-handed ! MRS. O. I certainly do FILB. Then say at least, that I
have your consent to marry Sylvia. MRS. O. I will not answer that question, until
Sylvia asks my consent to marry you / FILB. Oh MRS. O. Which, as you know, she
never will do. FILB. Well, this is a nice condition of affairs. MRS. F. And now it is
my ...

Scandalous Liaisons

Author: Caroline Linden
Publisher: Caroline Linden
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Fashionable. Affair. Originally published in the anthology Dressed to Kiss Love is
never out of fashion Felicity Dawkins is determined to save her dress shop,
Madame Follette's, from ruin. Times and styles have changed, but the upcoming
coronation of King George IV is just the opportunity she needs to bring it back into
vogue. Evan Hewes, Earl of Carmarthen, also has big plans for Follette's dress
shop: he intends to tear it down to make way for the grand new boulevard he's

Delphi Collected Works Of Baroness Emma Orczy Illustrated

Author: Baroness Emma "Emmuska" Orczy
Publisher: Delphi Classics
ISBN: 1786560224
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Lohengrin and Tannhauser, introduced through the influence of Hans Richter
and the glamour of Bayreuth then at the apogee of its appeal to the musical and
fashionable world. But opera in London was essentially a fashionable affair
like Ascot and Goodwood. Its season was of short duration. Leaders of fashion
and bon ton led the way, and it was 'the thing' to display one's diamonds and
Paris gowns in the stalls and boxes before 'going on' to some other equally
fashionable ...

Cultural Forms Of Protest In Russia

Author: Birgit Beumers
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317352637
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Belaia, Alena. 2014. Pochemu mir rossiiskogo glamura obvinili v izmene rodine.”
Wonder 6 October. www.wonderzine.com/wonderzine/style/opinion/
202057russians-go-hard (accessed 1 February 2015). Brinkworth, Dennis. 2012.
“Trending: Russian Protests is a Fashionable Affair.” Haute Living 29 February.
www.hauteliving.com/2012/02/trending-russian-protests-is-a- fashionable-affair/
258161/ (accessed 11 February 2015). Carrigan, Marylyn, Isabelle Szmigin, and
Joanne Wright.

The Twyborn Affair

Author: Patrick White
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1446434893
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fashionable wedding; at a house the guests, both invited and parasitic, were
boring into a reception for a Balkan princess. Mrs Trist had read about both these
functions while still only projected, in newspapers which the ephemeral chic,
including herself, read less and less for fear of what they did not wish to find. In
the central, proprietorial garden of one of the squares, a gang of men was
digging a pit for what people had begun referring to as a 'shelter'. They paused in
their work for a ...

A Fashionable Vice

Author: Donal L. White
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 0738861987
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Plus his departure brought her face to face with an unpleasant reality she'd been
ignoring in the euphoria of their affair. Her financial situation bordered on
desperate. Her work with Remedials, Inc. was uncertain and never had paid
much, even in the best of times, certainly not enough to support her. And the
agreement with Jack didn't have much longer to run. Clearly she needed more
substantial employment than free-lancing with Remedials, Inc. provided. But she
hated the idea of ...

Where Satan Sows His Seed

Author: Milan Bertrand Williams
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Plain Talks on the Amusements of Modern Society Milan Bertrand Williams. “
undress ball”) wou find the harvest of the town and country dances. Like the
parlor dance, which never satisfies, but only opens the way to the “swagger” party
; so the country dance only makes the girls hungry for a stylish ball dress and a
chance to show it in some city swell affair. But THE DRESS THAT YOU WEAR AT
SOCIETY of ...